How to choose a master to repair the apartment

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[url=][/url] It doesn’t matter if it will be a European-style renovation or a DIY repair. Even from the remnants of wallpaper, you can make an interesting interior solution. The main thing is to think it over correctly. And this is where the first question arises.<br>
Craftsmen make home repairs in several stages. This: visit of a specialist to the object, inspection of the living space, assessment and measurements of the premises development of an individual project for repairs, preparation of estimates and contracts approval and coordination of project documents with you During the capital reconstruction of the house "from scratch", YouDo performers will dismantle old partitions and coverings.<br>
Specifically for him, the work began. The repair began with the dirtiest work, namely the transfer of sockets and switches. I advise you to immediately buy construction respirators, as you have to breathe the same dust. Physically, the job is not easy, I had to sweat a lot.<br>
Various textiles with flower patterns and ceramic items are used in the design. The walls are beige and light. As a rule, they are covered with plaster or wallpaper for painting. Can be present on the ceiling and walls inserts made of fabrics and wood.<br>
This means that the ceiling must be the source of light. That is why the following rules for choosing the design of the ceiling surface of the corridor will be appropriate: It is easier and cheaper to cover the ceiling with acrylic enamel, but you will need to perfectly level the surface before using finishing materials – acrylic enamel is characterized by emphasizing, highlighting all flaws, irregularities on the surface.<br>

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